About Us

Do you believe a handshake is as meaningful as a contract?

Founded on the principals of Trust, Integrity and Ethics, PS-TIE is a long overdue organization recognizing professionals who uphold these principals.

PS-TIE is an invaluable resource for networking, educating, developing brands, and empowering like-minded professionals. Our unique community is sought out by individuals, entrepreneurs and corporations, all on path of growth and success while maintaining these shared values, and looking to spotlight their reputations of excellence.

This is where members gain a competitive edge and bring their careers or businesses to the next level in an environment of trust, integrity and ethics.

Mission Statement

Our Mission:

To support business owners and professionals in their commitment to ethical business practices by providing a far-reaching and rapidly growing network, powerful marketing tools, and valuable educational services. Our vision is for TIE, our guiding principles, with members acting as ambassadors of this vision, to one day become the gold standard in all personal and professionals interactions.

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