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Our Member Benefits

A Member of the Professional Society of Trust, Integrity and Ethics (PS-TIE) gain access to valuable benefits geared towards professionals from all industries and professions who’s goal it is to enhance their careers, grow their businesses, and maintain their standards of excellence.


Our members are business professionals who have all been interviewed, a process that enables us to foster relationships between like-minded individuals through our online platform and local chapter events. Network 24/7 utilizing multiple search options. Connect with others in your local area and beyond who share your goals and values as you develop the right kind of personal and business relationships.


Our online platform is indexed in Google and other major search engines, and searchable by name, location and zip code, helping members build their brands and reputations on a local, national and global level. Added to that are the many marketing tools and promotional opportunities we offer through various partnerships, resources and media outlets.


Develop your personal and/or corporate brand…create a polished, professional look. We provide members resources to build or enhance their brand including logo design and website development and optimization. Gain higher rankings with Google as well as other search engines.

Publications: Quarterly Magazine

PS•TIE Magazine: Spotlights noteworthy members and provides practical, real-world advice on how to build trust, integrity and ethics into your business and professional life. Members contribute articles, interviews, and market their products and services to the rest of the PS•TIE community.

Monthly Newsletter: Sent via email, you won’t want to miss our announcements, news on upcoming events, tips, member discounts, and more.


Members receive exclusive discounts and savings on our live and virtual educational seminars as well as through our growing list of affiliates and partners. We also provide an online directory through our eCommerce Network, consisting of members’ products and services, many with special offers, exclusively for members.


Placing the PS•TIE Member Seal on your website, business cards, and other collateral makes a strong statement about your business practices, leaving a positive impression with consumers and businesses. Plus, the badges you earn as a member will show up on your public profile, making members and non-members aware of your commitment to excellence.

Media, PR & Advertising

Press Releases

Leveraging our special relationship with major media outlets, we create compelling press releases that get you noticed.

Custom Video Production

Build your media presence and market your personal and professional brand through the production and online distribution of a high-quality, customized video. We take care of all of the details and offer our members this powerful tool to highlight their skills, and promote their careers and businesses.

Social Media

We all know the importance of utilizing social media sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and YouTube. We provide the tools so you can get your message out, construct posts that get shared, and establish a far-reaching internet presence.

Concierge Connections

PS•TIE offers a unique referral service with a personal touch. Enroll in this program and get results. Allow us to use our expertise to enhance your networking experience by targeting the right leads, contacts and opportunities.

Billboard Placement

Go big by getting your company’s ad on digital and print billboards in major markets across the country and abroad.

Print and Radio Coverage

Secure advertorial placement in some of the largest, name-brand publications and media outlets around the world.