Our Member Reviews

Doing the right thing is not always easy. Earning the confidence of others and building a positive reputation takes time and effort. PS-TIE embraces these values and consistently strives to support our members with a rapidly growing professional network, valuable benefits, and access to innovative marketing tools.

Our members understand the advantage of being part of this unique community.

Here’s what they’re saying…

I am thrilled with my PS -TIE association. Within a few days of my induction, I received a great business lead from the member forum. What a remarkable and fast return on my commitment PS-TIE. The personal attention I have received from my marketing liaison has been proficient, and extremely dependable and trustworthy. I also consider them to be the most valuable part of my marketing and branding strategy. I look forward to the future as I plan to leverage PS-TIE innovative tools and technology to build business and deliver the highest-quality services to my clients.

Adam Berkowitz
Co Founder, Stockngo.com

I joined PS-TIE because of the uniqueness of the organization and respected the reputation for quality and integrity. I needed a way to increase the visibility for dental practice, and both the branding and marketing tools looked like they would work well for me. I immediately started receiving inquiries from new patients both via email and telephone thanks to the TREMENDOUS online presence PS-TIE has given me on all major search engines. I now have an PS-TIE family that cheers me on and recognizes me as TRUSTWORTHY DENTIST. I highly recommend membership in PS-TIE for all the benefits that can be seen on the website, and many more benefits above and beyond what you expect as well.

Dr. Paul Giotopoulos

Membership has provided an endorsement that has elevated my status as a professional. I always tell my clients that I am a member of The Professional Society of Trust Integrity & Ethics;the prestige and credibility of PSTIE name has opened doors for me and my company.

Mike Riordan
Director of Sales